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TC-A Voice Changer II

The TC-A is a Telephone Voice Changer that modifies the voice in various natural tones allowing
the user to stay anonymous.    With the touch of a button on the Deluxe Telephone Voice TC-A,
you can change the pitch of your voice. Using the switches 8 settings, most people can change
their voice one or two pitches up or down and still sound natural.

Ideal phone identity protection for women or children home alone.  Multimode for select: high
voice and low voice.   When selected some section voice, there will be 4 scales which can be

This state of the art phone voice changer connects to your handset, the Deluxe Telephone Voice
Changer TC-A will not work on cordless phones, cell phones.  Adjust the changer up or down a
couple of levels to change your voice and sound realistic.  Even your closest friend won't
recognize you or adjust it further up or down and sound like a cartoon character, or an evil villain.

Technical Specifications:
• Compact and Portable
• Power Supply: 2 AA batteries
• Led Indicator
• Tones: 8 Voice Masking Degrees
• Handset Connector Cable
• Color: Black
• Dimensions: 120 x 70 x 10 mm
• Weight: 145 gr
• Power Adaptor: DC 6V (Optional)
• Manual Guide products are the same used by many Intelligence Agencies that are now available to the public.  We are USA based corporation operated by ECOM Dynamics
that ships security and surveillance
spy products worldwide.  We provide the latest advanced spy equipment that is inexpensive and easy to use.   We have everything
wireless spy gear to self contained covert recording and lie detection devices. Buy with CONFIDENCE from us and your identity is always protected.  
Voice/ Phone Recorder
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  • Magnify faint or distant
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  • Waterproof Case
  • Magnetic
  • No monthly fees
  • Battery operated
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