Dempa 1 Gb Stereo Digital Voice Recorder

The VT-50 Dempa Recorder is a digital pocket audio recording device with multiple applications and 240 hours recording time. This is not your ordinary
MP3 Player/Voice recorder. It is a high quality digital voice recorder for the serious user. Its application is innumerable: in conventions, in lectures, in the
courtroom, recording phone conversations, etc. Outstanding features like voice activation, time/date stamping, and true stereo recording make this unit
truly unique. Package includes all standard accessories including AC adaptor and universal cell phone recording adaptor.

What's more, with today's memory sizes, you can have recordings that go on and on... So features like FM Stereo, MP3 (w/ 5 equalizers...), and the USB
storage device come very handy.

Main Features of the VT50F
Digital IC Stereo Recording for crystal clear sound.
Stereo microphone with 4 sensitivity selections
Stereo FM radio (87~108MHz)
5 equalizer: Normal, Jazz, Rock, POP & Opti selectable in MP3 mode
USB 2.0 provides direct PC link
6 levels recording quality selections
VOR function
Telephone conversation recording
MP3 Recorder and Player
USB Storage Device

Voice recorder and music recorder/player all in one; stereo recording and playback supports MP3 file formats
Direct USB enable to connect with PC, no need to carry cable
Plug and play portable flash drive (WIN98 need to install driver). Allows to stores any file type not just voice files.
Digital IC stereo recording for crystal clear sound quality.
Various recording mode such as voice/FM/telephone recording with stereo sound quality.
Enable to select stereo or mono recording those support MP3 file format. You can select desired recording quality. Mono qualities are 8/16/32/64K;
Stereo qualities are 96/128K
There are 5 equalizer (Normal, Jazz, Rock, POP & Opti) selectable in MP3 mode.
Six folders (A~F), enable to manage files easier.
Power saver to save battery power.
Super slim design lets you to carry it to anywhere.
LED backlight lets you to operate in dark places.
Stereo FM Radio function also enables you to record FM radio programs at any time.
Incorporates voice operation recording (VOR) to save memory spaces
Stereo microphone with 4 optional sensitivity selections.
Playback mode selectable
Date and time stamp for record files
Important message lock to avoid accidental deletion.
Key lock
Date and time display
Box Contents
Telephone Connector
Cell Phone Record Connector
AC Adaptor
External Line Mic
Hand Strap
AAA Battery
VT50 Recorder
Retails at $249.00,
the SpyXtreme price is $159.99
Voice/ Phone Recorder
  • Voice activated
  • Also records phone calls
  • Very small
  • Digital 16-hour
  • Upload files to computer
  • Only $109.99
Bionic Ear Booster
  • Listen from 300 feet away!
  • Increase sound 40 decibels
  • Magnify faint or distant
  • Only $159.99
Audio Jammer
  • Keep conversations private
  • Stop eavesdropping
  • Protect an entire room
  • Only $119.99
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