Borescope Viewer

Based on innovative new fiberoptic technology, the flexible cable fits into holes
as small as 1/4 inch* diameter – allowing you to look behind walls, down into
drains, inside engines, or hundreds of places without costly demolition or

With an oil and scratch resistant tempered glass lens and 2.4” color LCD
display with crystal clear 480 x 234 resolution, you'll be able to easily view
objects as close as 1" for instant diagnostics. This multipurpose inspection
camera is an economical solution to inspecting machinery, facilities and
infrastructure in the safest and quickest way possible.
•Oil and scratch-resistant tempered glass lens
•On-screen image reverse and 180 degree rotation
•Capture 640 x 480 JPEG images
•2.4” color LCD display with sharp 480 x 234 resolution

Saves you time and money!  Will pay for itself over and over again in reduced
labor costs. The amount of time you will save troubleshooting and problem-
solving will make you more productive and profitable than ever before.

High Performance...Real Value!

The high resolution lens provides a clear image of objects as close as 3/4
inch and over one foot away while providing a wide 40 degree field of view. A
powerful es dark crevices on demand with the push of a button conveniently
located on the handle. The ergonomically designed handle is comfortable to
hold and allows one-handed focusing and light activation.

Rugged and water resistant, made of high impact ABS and flexible cable
sheathing that obediently stays in a set position. Adjust the cable into any
position and it will stay fixed in place, until you decide to change it *. This
feature permits one-handed operation – freeing your other hand for work!

Cable will reach deep into walls, drains, vents, engine blocks, etc.

"Obedient" cable maintains its fixed position until readjusted*

Flexible, omni-directional cable bends in every direction to allow precise
Others sell these for over $500

The SpyXtreme price is $139.99
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