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Bionic Ear With Booster Dish

Magnify faint or distant sounds with the powerful Bionic Ear & Booster pinpointed sound
amplifier/listening device.

This device increases sound by up to 40 decibles using an omni- directional microphone, a solid-state
amplifier and hi-fidelity earphones for concert hall quality sound reproduction.  When combined with the
included parabolic booster, the bionic ear becomes highly directional, allowing you to easily locate the
source of sounds and suppress background noises.  Hear mere movements in the woods at incredible

Detect animal movements for nature observation or photography or direct the microphone toward distant
bird clurps for identification.  Record bird calls and other sounds nature with the recorder output jack.

Uses include personal security, search & rescue, hunting, hard-of-hearing, wildlife observation, outdoor
adventures, camping, birdwatching, and much more.
Product Description
Simply point this Bionic Ear Listening Device and take aim with the built-in scope and pull the trigger to capture audio within the impressive range of 150-
feet! Use the adjustment knob to focus the scope on your subject and the parabolic dish picks up the sound. The volume knob allows you to adjust the
volume and minimize any background noise. Included with this Bionic Ear is a set of high quality padded over ear headphones with a coiled cord! Record
up to 120 seconds of audio with the built-in recorder and if you need even more recording time the Bionic Ear can be hooked up to an external recording

• Built in adjustable 8X Scoop to zoom in
• Record and play back from build in audio storage up to 120 second
• Can connect to a recorder for optional function
• Requires one 9V battery (not included)
• Includes supper comfort high-quality padded headphones
• Built-in volume control
• Removable Parabolic dish for easy storage

Unit Dimensions:
• 8.25 x 8.25 x 10.25-inches (H x W x D approximate)
• Weight: 1.75 LBS (approximate)

Package Includes:
• Bionic Ear Listening Device
• Padded headphones
• Cleaning cloth
• User's manual

Product Requirements:
• One (1) 9V battery (NOT INCLUDED)

IMPORTANT NOTE: As with all our "sound enhancing" products, this unit is not designed or to be used to surreptitiously intercept oral communication.
Use for this purpose seriously violates federal laws.
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