ProExtreme-Acoustic Leakage Probe-Contact Mic

ProExtreme- Our brand for the best in it's class of this type of product!

This Super High Power Acoustic Contact Microphone certainly meets the
qualifications for the best in it's class! The small acoustic "super sensor" pick-
up is simply placed against any surface and all sound vibrations will be amplified
up to 100 times via our portable 1 watt RMS amplifier and fed into specially
manufactured perfectly matched active noise cancellation stereo headphones.
The result is truly incredible.

The "super sensor" pick-up can be mounted to any solid surface using the
included acoustical "putty". When removed, special putty can be reused again
and again. 4 "squares" of putty are included in kit.

This amplifier features volume control, background noise filter switch, and 3.5
mm output jacks for headphone and recording device. Operated for up to 25
hours on a 9 volt battery.

The "ReSound" active noise canceling foldable stereo headphones frees user
from any unwanted noise and provides private listening even in noisy
environments. These headphones are very comparable with national brand
(Bose) headphones priced at almost $299.00. They also can be used in all stereo,
MP3, CD, Airplanes (movies) and other types of applications. Adaptors, carry bag,
and 2 "AAA" batteries are included.

Headphone Features: Travel-fold design for compact portability - Large driver
units for rich and powerful sound - full size earcups provide long-lasting comfort -
operate as passive headphones when noise canceling circuit is not activated.
Retails at $499.00, the
SpyXtreme price is $329.99

TSCM acoustic leakage: Determine the level of acoustic leakage from inside a structure to the outside or from one room to another to access
the level of risk that exists for eavesdropping attempts.

Bomb Detection: Listen to packages for sounds indicating timer operation such as a ticking clock.

Diagnostics: Useful for finding problems in engines, transmissions, and other mechanical apparatus.

Pest Control: Quickly locate active termite colonies and other insect or rodent infestations in walls, ceilings, and floors.

Plumbing: Find locations of leaky pipes in concrete or walls.
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Voice/ Phone Recorder
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  • Also records phone calls
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  • Upload files to computer
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Bionic Ear Booster
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  • Increase sound 40 decibels
  • Magnify faint or distant
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