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Watch Video Camera Camcorder DVR

Built inHD Spy Camera Watch DVR will allow you to record interviews, business meetings, school lectures and on the scene

- High quality monitor, protect personal privacy data and information confidential.
- No need for driver installation if the operating system is Windows me / 2000 / xp
- Supports video and voice recording function

1.Video Resolution: 640 x 480
2.Video Format: AVI, 30fps
3.Memory: 4GB
4.Camera Photo: 3264 x 2448, JPG
5.USB transfer rate: 1.1(Hs)
6.Built-in lithium battery
7.Working time: 2 hours
8.Color: silver

Package included:
1 x 4GB  Watch With Camera Silver
1 x Power cable

- Turn on/off, Video Recording, File Save
- Press the switch, the video watch will turn on as well. The red and green light will flash about 2 seconds then the light will stop on
green as standby for your operation. Press the switch, the red light will flash one into the operation for take picture; press once will take
a photograph accordingly. When it’s on standby, press and hold on about 3 seconds with green light flash in three times, the video
watch will start to video recording when the green light off. (Note: if the video watch does not have enough memory space; the Video
watch will turn off automatically).

File Save
During the operation of video recording, short press the switch, the file will be save, when finished saving, the guide light will keep on
green as standby condition. The video watch will power off within 15 seconds if there is nothing operating.

Turn Off
In the condition of standby, the video watch will be power off within 3 minutes if there is nothing operation.
Retails at $149.00,
the SpyXtreme price is $39.99
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Bionic Ear Booster
  • Listen from 300 feet away!
  • Increase sound 40 decibels
  • Magnify faint or distant
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Pen Recorder Voice / Video
Pen Recorder Voice/Video
  • One-touch recording
  • Easy USB downloads
  • Built in microphone
  • 2-hours of recording
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Camstick DVR
  • Voice and audio
  • Discrete and covert
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Camstick DVR
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Voice Changer
  • 8 Voice settings
  • Economical
  • Only $29.99
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CONFIDENCE from us and know your identity is always protected.  
Cellular Surveillance Box
  • Call number and listen
  • Less than 2 inches
  • Includes SIM
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MicroWave Detector
  • Radiation detector
  • Sensitivity meter
  • Battery operated
  • Only $24.99

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